desktop application

A desktop application is a Software application development that that runs alone in desktop or in laptop used to perform specific tasks. Word processors ,media players,video convertor,etc can be considered to be typical desktop applications.

Desktop application is also an important part of Software development services.Therefore,We at ewebsoftnet WEB SOLUTION develop desktop software across platforms as windows,Mac and Linux.We create user friendly desktop application for our clients.

Our desktop application development services dispense you with an well organized , user-friendly, and customized desktop application that can run offline and independent of web-browser

We use differnet technologies like C++(WinAPI,MFC),Java,.NET Framework both Winform core and WPF to create cross platform desktop applications. We mainly consider Microsoft .NET Technology for desktop application.

We make

  • Business software
  • Invoice software
  • Desktop based custom application.
  • RDA(Rich Desktop Application)
  • IRDA(Rich Internet Desktop Application)