How we work

We Started ewebsoftnet WEB Solution in year 2013, AND our basic approach was Building a desirable place in IT Industry.
Our job is to get result. We know that our results depends on the TEAM WORK , because TEAM WORK MAKES DREAM WORK. ewebsoftnet WEB Solution is a team of talented ,trained and professional individuals who believe in bringing quality work.
Before you think to hiring a software development company, it's important to see and understand the process of the company.


For designing and development we adopt following practice

1 Requirements -Identify and capture client requirements.

  • Planning
  • Time Management
  • Requirement analysis

2 Analysis- We analyse the project , At the beginning we create a project synopsis in our project management system

3 Design-After this we design a non- functional demo. Based on Design, Requirements Specification provided by Client , Web Designer creates non- functional demo design. Client reviews and provides better approach for Designer to complete chosen home page design

4 Developemt-We develop and deliver your website template.At this stage of website development the core coding of the website is being developed.We use ASP.NET Webforms and ASP.NET MVC Framework of .NET Technology for the development of project.Javascript coding is also done by coder depending on project requirements.

5 Testing: After the project is developed it is tested against the requirements to make sure that the project is actually solving the needs addressed and gathered during the requirements phase.

6 Project Launch: This is the final stage when the project goes live. Finally, we Publish and promote your website.

7Project Maintainance and Improments:- New requirements arise and the project is being improved again and again. Once when the customers starts using the developed system then the actual problems comes up and needs to be solved from time to time